The Sisterhood of she-wolves, Florence Rhodes

Couv la confrerie des louves

Maud, Clara, Denise, and Clémence are four childhood friends with very different personalities who decided to meet one January evening for a girls’ dinner. Nothing unusual except for the fact that that evening, a witness testifies, one of them has just murdered Denise’s husband, the handsome Edouard Schaeffer, a man as charming as he is dangerous. Right when his own past reappears, Commander Hamelin has less than a week to find out which of these four women, who all had a good reason to kill Schaeffer, did it, and what secret binds these suspects forever.

“The Sisterhood of she-wolves” is composed of seven chapters, each corresponding to a day of the week. It is at the crossroads of whodunit and contemporary crime fiction.

420 pages

Awards : 

- First Novel Award, Dora-Suarez-le-Blog, 2020

- Currently being adapted for French television

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