Mexico bronco, Patrick Amand

Couv mexico bronco

What had he come to do in this mess ? When Eneko Aggiremutxeggi, a disbarred lawyer who has turned to dubious investigations and shadowing, agrees to go in search of the son of a CAC 40 (a French stock market index) company boss who has vanished into the Mexican wilderness, he did not expect such a journey. In February 2001, in the middle of the EZLN caravan, the Zapatista National Liberation Army, and its emblematic sub-commander Marcos on their way to Mexico City, the Basque investigator with unorthodox methods finds himself involved in some insane events. In an improbable Zapatista road movie punctuated by Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine’s throbbing song “Pulque, mezcal y tequila” and the speeches of the 23 Zapatista commanders, Agirremutxeggi discovers a land of madness, where he is supported by Paco, a 14-year-old kid straight out of a slum, hunted by a lousy hoodlum called Alfredo, and confronted with Marcos’ Italian personal guard, the Monos Blancos. Moreover, as always, the shadow of the author Malcolm Lowry* is hovering over this amazing expedition…

*Author of “Under the Volcano” and other books.

200 pages

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